Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I wash my wool blanket? (also includes wool filled pillows or wool comforters)

    Cool water and no agitation is the simple answer.  A front loading machine, cool water setting. If you use a top loading machine with an agitator fill the machine with cool soapy water,hand wash and let the blanket soak, then use the spin setting to remove the water and repeat the process with clear cool water. For either method air dry the blanket, do not put in the dryer.

    We recommend “Eucalan “ Wool Wash, it contains lanolin the natural oil in wool.

  • How do I wash my sheepskin? (includes insoles, seatbelt covers, steering wheel covers, slippers)

    Cool water and air dry. Machine wash in cool water and hang to dry.  Do not use the dryer. For the sheepskin, stretch during the drying process to prevent shrinking. We recommend “Eucalan Wool Wash”.

  • What animals do you have on the farm?

    We have about 200 Dorset cross ewes that provide wonderful wool and very good meat. We also have a small herd of Scottish Highland cows which we raise for their beef. Every sheep farm has Border Collie dogs, to help move the sheep . Our collies are Wyn and Lizzie. We also have two guard dogs Mya and Bella who protect the sheep and lambs at night from coyotes.

  • Do you sell meat on on the farm?

    Yes we have lamb and ground beef in our farm shop and we sell lamb sausages at the New Glasgow farmers market

  • Is the farm accessible?

    The barn is all one level and it has smooth pavement inside. There is a ramp into the shop and aisles are fairly wide. There is an accessible bathroom. The yard around the shop is level but gravel covered.

  • Is there an area to have picnic?

    Yes, in the spring summer and fall there are picnic tables you are welcome to use. You can enjoy watching the sheep and cows in the field or admire the beautiful views of the Northumberland Strait.

  • How do I convert between UK, US and metric Needle sizes?

    Check out our conversion charts available here