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A working sheep farm with about 200 sheep

Lismore Sheep Farm Wool Shop

 Welcome to the Lismore Sheep Farm Wool Shop web site. Our farm is located just off the Sunrise Trail (Route 6), along the beautiful Northumberland Shore in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada. We have a working sheep farm with about 200 sheep. Our sheep are mainly Dorset crosses which produce a beautiful soft fleece which we use in many of our products available on the farm. We have a small flock of purebred Suffolk sheep with strong Brittish bloodlines . You may recognize the familiar black face along with a short stocky frame which helps produce great lambs for meat or for crossing with other breeds.


The Shop is open by appointment only for the winter months. Contact us by phone or e mail to arrange a visit. You can also order on line and pick up at the shop or have it mailed.

Visitor Barn is now closed for the season.

Our website is open all of the time and we will be gradually replenishing our stock, so keep checking back for updates. If you would prefer to make an order by phone please contact us.


We now have whole or half lambs ( cut up) availble in the shop. We will also have a limited number of individual cuts including leg and shoulder roasts, chops, ground, ribs and shanks . We are well stocked with lamb sausages. Contact us to place an order or for more information.

All of our sheep and lambs are humanely raised . They enjoy being outside grazing and breathing the salty air in the pasture overlooking the Northumberland Strait from early spring to late fall. The sheep and lambs are on a rotating grazing system so they are always being moved to fresh grass.

We also have whole chickens availble for your freezer. Stock up now!!!!



For the winter months we will just be attending the Lunenburg market once a month, and we are usually there the last Thursday of the month. Our next date will be Thursday January 26th.





Visit Our Farm

****Spring /Summer  2022****

We are happy to announce our barn will be open for visitors this summer during regular shop hours ( 10 -4 daily)Official opening date is May 21.There will be sheep and lambs to see along with a display about wool. Chickens will be in their encloseure for you to watch and the shaggy Highland cows can sometimes be spotted in the pastures.

We are happy to share that River John Festival Days will be happening this summer , July 23 - 30. Our annual Festival day which we are calling "Shearing Day" will be on Sunday July 24, and although it will be a different version of what we used to do we have some new ideas planned, more details coming soon!!!


We have a working sheep farm with about 200 sheep. Our sheep are mainly Dorset crosses which produce a beautiful soft fleece.  In 2021 we purchased John MacDonnells' flock of Suffolk sheep. You will see their black faces and sturdy stocky frames which are good for for producing good meat lambs. the We also have a small herd of shaggy Scottish Highland cows which can be seen grazing in the fields.


Lismore Sheep Farm

1389 Louisville Road, River John, B0K 1N0, Nova Scotia, Canada

+1 (902) 351 2594 
+1 (902) 351 2889


Shop Hours

For the winter months we are open by appointment only so please call or e mail to arrange a convenient time to visit. The website is open all of the time.


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