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Our standard yarns are 100% pure wool. Most of our wool is 2-ply in economical 4 ounce (113g) skeins. Check the colour chart to see our selection of naturals, colours and tweeds.

4 ounce (113g), 2-ply   $6.00 per skein


Speciality Yarns

The hottest trend with yarn is to hand paint it. Each skein is individually 'painted' using a combination of several colours of dye, thereby producing a colourful and vibrant yarn. Each batch is uniquely dyed and can be knit or woven into wonderful accessories - fun socks, mitts, hats and scarves... colourful sweaters and vests. No two skeins are identical, although dye lots can be used within the same project. Terrific for one-skein projects, or to add a colourful accent to a solid colour project. Our speciality yarns include a selection of mohair locks, mohair boucle, wool slub and much more Most of these yarns are handpainted - ready for your creative projects.


Speciality yarn

It is a great delight to offer you these fun yarns - come see and feel these beautiful yarns, or contact us to discuss colours, availability and prices for your next fun project.


Knitting Needles & Patterns

Lismore Sheep Farm is the home of the River John
Needle Company
, makers of wooden needles.

We also carry a selection of knitting patterns. A variety of classic sweaters for adults and children designed by some of the best Canadian designers are among those available. We stock a variety of hat, mitt, and sock patterns - some basic and some fancy! Come have a look - knitting is in vogue - start a project!



Sock Kit

This kit contains everything but the needles to knit two pairs of ladies ankle length socks. Kit includes detailed knitting instructions, two skeins of wool and a mini-skein in a contrasting colour for the trim, as well as a variety of charted designs for a decorative band.

Choose your own colours.


Knit your own socks with this knitting kit.


Honeycomb Mitt Kit

Knit your own two colour cozy wool mitts in a popular design. Instructions and wool included to knit two pair of adult size mittens. Choose your own colours.


Two colour mitten knitting kit.


Thrum Mitt or Sock Kits

Kits to knit your own pair of fleece lined thrum mitts or a kit to knit fleece lined slipper/socks. The kit includes the yarn, a length of wool roving to make the "thrums" and the knitting instructions. Wisps of raw wool are twisted and knitted in at regular intervals and this makes the inside soft and fluffy.


Knitting kits for thrum mittens and socks


Fiesta Mitt Kit - handpainted yarn

This kit contains a total of three skeins of yarn (two of the solid colour and one handpainted) to knit two pairs of adult mittens. Using the supplied pattern, these mitts are thick and cushiony and extremely warm. Our own hand painted yarn gives these mitts their beautiful rainbow colouring. Available with a main colour of cream or black.


Fiesta mitt kit


"Beanie Hat" Kit

An easy knit soft and cozy hat with wool and mohair. The kit includes a skein of pure wool and a skein of handpainted mohair. The two are held together while knitting. Easy instructions to follow for an adult size small and size large hat. "River John Needle Company" 5mm birch double pointed needles are included in the kit.


woolen hat knitting kit


"Easy Scarf" Kit

An easy quick project that makes a beautiful soft scarf. Kit includes one skein of lovely soft wool/mohair/nylon/silk yarn, and one mini skein of curly lock (mohair/wool/nylon) for the fringe. One set of "River John Needle Company" 7mm birch straight needles are included.


woolen scarf knitting kit


Jennie's Shishkebab Scarf Kit

Have fun knitting your own colourful scarf using seven measured balls of a variety of colours and textures of yarn. The scarf is knit horizontally with a long tail at the cast on and cast off ends for your fringe. The kit includes the yarn Shishkebab style on a set of River John Needle Company birch 12mm straight needles for easy smooth knitting.

Different colours available.



Needle Felting Kits

Everything you need to get started on a needle felting project. The kit includes Styrofoam for your work surface, a large piece of felt, a small piece of felt for practice, four felting needles, coloured rovings and instructions, With a little imagination and your felting supplies you can create a beautiful work of art.

Small Kit: 1 bag rovings, felt, 4 felting needles, styrofoam


Large Kit: 3 bags rovings, felt, 4 felting needles, styrofoam (the piece of felt and the foam work surface are larger in the large kit).


Extra rovings and needles are available seperately:

Natural white rovings, 3 oz bag


Coloured rovings (mixed), 3 oz bag


Felting needles (package of 4)


needle felting kit




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