Pure wool dryer balls

The natural way to shorten your drying time.

Environmentally friendly pure wool dryer balls.

Handcrafted here on our Sheep Farm in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Great Reasons To Use Them
 - Soften your laundry and reduce static cling.
 - Save money by reducing drying time up to 40% on a full load.
 - No need for hard noisy plastic balls.
 - No need for chemical filled dryer sheets.
 - Do what you can to reduce your foot print.
 - Support a great locally made product.

How To Use Them

Just put a set of THREE balls in with your regular load. The wool balls separate your laundry and create spaces so the warm air can circulate more efficiently. The friction of the wool balls rubbing against your clothes makes them soft.

Price: Set of three balls $30.00


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