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The following items are hand knit by local knitters using our yarn. We have a variety of colours of each item in stock, but if you prefer, you may custom order from the colour chart.

River John, Nova Scotia, Canada
(902) 351 2889




$12.00 and up.


$20.00 and up.

Hand knitted wool mittens



There is no limit to what we've been knitting up - scarves are the hot accessory - with good reason - so many beautiful soft yarns and colours for a fabulous look! Our scarves are made with handpainted mohairs, boucle and wool slub yarns. 

There is always a varied selection of scarves in stock. Please call us to discuss your preferences. Price depends on size and type of yarn.

Yarn is available for those who would like to knit their own items, or give a gift of yarn.

Wool scarf



These hand knit gloves will keep your hands warm while working outdoors.



Hand knitted gloves


Thrum Mittens

These 100% pure wool mitts have been 'thrummed'. Wisps of raw wool are knitted into the pattern and the ends fluff on the inside to make them cozy mitts for winter walks, skating or other outdoor activities. This design originated with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland fishermen because your hands stay warm even when the wool is wet.



Thrum Mittens


Thrum Slipper/Sock

These soft wooly slippers are made in the same manner as the mitts. They make a great cottage slipper, or bed sock. We carry a range of sizes and colours.


Thrum slipper socks


Wool Hats

We have a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes of hats. They are 100% wool, hand knit locally.

 $25.00 and up

handknitted wool hats


Wool Socks

There is nothing warmer than wool socks. Ours are handknit and come in a variety of colours, lengths and styles.


$15.00 and up


$28.00 and up

Handknit wool socks



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Phone  (902) 351 2889 to place your order and discuss your colour and style preferences.


All prices are in Canadian dollars, and are exclusive of sales tax and shipping. 


We mail-order items anywhere in North America.


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